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KCFM Readers Respond: How will your family celebrate Halloween this year?


We will go all out to decorate our house and have a Halloween scavenger hunt (like an Easter egg hunt) around our house for our 5 year old. - Brooke Hughes

We are going to do a drive through trick or treat for friends and family, so that the kids can still enjoy the festivities.

- Marilyn Perez

Carving apples, bonfire, roasting hot dogs, bobbing for apples on a string, and sack races. - Dawn Miller

We might just trick or treat with a few family members, bake pumpkin desserts, and watch Halloween movies.

- Brittany Billington 

We will decorate, dress up, and put bags of candy out for the kids.

- Autumn Hobson

Hopefully, we can trick or treat.

- Brandi Serda 

We are growing our own pumpkin patch. We plan on doing our own haunted house for our kids. - Jason Dodson

Drown our sorrows in a big pile of

candy! - Susan Holland

We’ll let the kids dress up and order in! We’ll make individual goodie bags full of candy for them.  - Cassie Deras-Coker 

A family and friends backyard carnival. - Debra Lemburg 

No trick or treating this year, for sure, but I am going to do a small Halloween party for the kids. - Cindy Cortez

Probably stay home and try to “socially distance“ hand out candy if we have any trick-or-treaters this year. - Diana Coryell

Since we won't be trick or treating, I have already been planning a family party with games and creepy food!

- Breanna Smith 

Halloween is always a big deal in my house. We decorate and the kids spend months planning their costumes. If trick-or-treating can't happen this year we will be making treat bags for the kids in our neighborhood and leaving them on their front porches and doing a spooky themed scavenger hunt in our house for my kids. Happy Halloween, everyone!  - Keira Painter

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