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11 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving is the quintessential family holiday. Celebrating in 2020 has some more complex dynamics than usual but every household will find its way. Turkey trots and other group activities with large crowds may be out but there are many options to enjoy Thanksgiving together.

Host the traditional dinner: You could stick with the traditional dinner and carry on with the usual plans. If extended family is usually part of your Thanksgiving, you have the option to carry on with the tradition of meeting up in a socially distanced way.

• Host your own dinner: Some families keep the traditional dinner to their nuclear family every year. That could be your traditional dinner already but if not, it’s also something to consider. Forming your own traditions with a quieter dinner may be what your household needs this year.

• Host a dinner via Zoom: Eating with extended family members, friends and anyone else you choose to invite could be done via Zoom. It may be a little awkward to do the actual eating via video call but exchanging Thanksgiving greetings can feel more personable with technology at the table.

• Choose alternate food: If the usual foods aren’t available or just you don’t want to cook them, try something else. Go with a family favorite or try something entirely different, like sushi, or a dinner with desserts first.

• Don’t host a dinner: Choose to do something different for the day. If Thanksgiving with social distancing or just in the strange year that 2020 has been feels too strange, an alternate activity may be something your family wants to do with the Thursday and Friday in November you have extra time together.

• Volunteer at a community dinner: Whether you host a dinner or not, community organizations will offer a hot dinner they could use help serving if you are able to volunteer. Check with local non-profits for social distancing procedures.

• Make a gratitude box: Start the week before Thanksgiving with a simple showbox and encourage every family member to contribute an item they would like to discuss on the big day as part of what they’re thankful for this year.

• Start a new tradition: Regardless of what you do with Thanksgiving dinner, find an extra activity to enjoy together year after year. Tell stories, watch a movie, play a board game or try something you’ve never done before.

• Take a drive: Sometimes, a change of scenery can be a memorable way to enjoy a holiday. Even if you don’t get out of the car, watching the sunset together is relaxing.

• Decide how you’ll spend the end of 2020: Decide what you want to do to end the year and how you’ll celebrate the next holiday.

• Choose joy: No matter how you spend Thanksgiving, making it a joyful occasion will bring you peace.

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