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Readers Respond: Holiday Traditions For the Whole Family


We asked our readers to share their favorite holiday traditions and what their plans are for this season. Here are featured answers to start your December with cheer:

Making tamales with the women in my family.

- Amy Downum

We always visit our families on Christmas Eve. We make homemade sugar cookies for Santa. We also wear matching family pajamas.

- Yolanda Mefford

We made it a tradition to go after Thanksgiving to get our fresh Christmas tree and we start to decorate it.

- Anamarie Grijalva

We always do a gift exchange with our family and homemade ornaments.

- Brittney Skinner

I look forward to preparing my 18 Christmas stocking stuffers for all my family.

- Diane Sanchez

Wrapping gifts, cooking with my dad.

- Joshua Padgett

Caroling in our downtown neighborhood!

- Jennifer Resolme

Every year, we have a party where we buy or make an ornament and tell why we picked it and then do a name pick to see who gets each other's ornament.

- Kathy Oros

We love to visit the lights at CALM, a tradition started when I first moved here to Bakersfield with my husband. This year will be different, but we are making plans to pack snacks and make cocoa for a drive into the lights.

- Heather Ward

Because our families have gotten so big, my four sisters and I have breakfast at Spencer’s or Old River Grill now on Christmas Eve. So good to spend time with the ones who grew up together and love you no matter what.

- Margaret Aguilera

Every year, my family hides a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree. Whoever finds the ornament first in the Christmas tree is the one who first opens their present on Christmas Eve.

- Marina Medrano

We like to take trimmings from the Christmas tree and make decorations around. It makes the house smell so good in every room.

- Charlinda Black

As a family, we always get hot cocoa and go look at the holiday lights. We also bake trays of goodies for our friends and family.

- Beth Hubbard

I make homemade ornaments with my daughter every year. Thank you, Pinterest!

- Vanessa De La Cruz

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