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11 Ways to Make This Holiday Season Shine With Joy, Peace, and Family Memories


2020 has been an unconventional year. Whether you take comfort in the familiar or want to do something different to add variety to the season, celebrating is not cancelled. The human spirit, afterall, endures. Good finds a way. And so will we this holiday season.

Here are 11 ways to enjoy the holidays any year, even this one:

 Spend time with a child: Quarantine may be the order of the day but finding a way to spend time with a child brings the holidays to life. That time does not have to be in person. Read a story via Zoom for younger children if you can’t be in the same space as young grandchildren or other relatives.

 Take a break: If you are a parent, it is entirely possible that you’ve spent an amount of time with your child that is above and beyond normal expectations. While making holiday memories together can be an excellent way to spend the season, you may need a break. Don’t  leave yourself out of the gift-giving this year, whether that's something tangible or intangible. Permission to do less is reasonable, especially now. Time and self care can be gifts, too.

 Pass along a family tradition: This year more than any other, put your tradition down in writing. Store written instructions with your holiday decorations to enjoy year after year or schedule it into next December’s digital calendar.

 Connect with a local charity: From Toys for Tots to The Mission at Kern County, there are many worthy causes this season and beyond. Throughout the year, the need continues. Start a new tradition by connecting with a charity in December and through 2021.

 Indulge in Advent: Advent traditions may have been lost in the shuffle previously but now could be a perfect time to resume favorite ways to count down together. A daily surprise or ritual can bring joy. A 2021 paper chain counting down to the new year can be fun to make with children if Advent is not part of your belief system.

 Play music you love: If holiday music is your jam, go for it. If not, play music you love and share the experience with the people you love, even if it’s with a shared YouTube playlist.


Create a five senses experience: Dedicate an hour to making a holiday memory by engaging your five senses this holiday season. What do you want your children to remember through taste, smell, textures, sounds, and visual memory?

 Cook together: Get kids into the kitchen for a hands-on experience. Make what you can’t buy: time together and homemade recipes.


 Conquer your task list: Choose one aspect of the holiday you can manage well and tackle it. Getting started is often the hardest part when you feel overwhelmed.

 Make games part of the festivities: Board games teach life skills besides the usual family fun. Play a game you wouldn’t normally make time for during the school year. Children notice what you make time to do that’s out of the ordinary.

 Take a picture: We may not want to remember all of 2020, but with the wish that we experience only one pandemic, take a photo to commemorate the occasion. Even if it’s not with all our loved ones at this time, a significant object, landscape, or home setting may still mark the year the holidays came during an unusual time.

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