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11 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day All Month Long


Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th. Celebrating mothers everywhere takes many forms with one common theme: recognizing the bonds of caring. Just as there are many ways to be a mother, there are celebrations for every personality and relationship. Grandmothers, foster mothers, and those who fill a caring role may be the people with whom you celebrate. Taking the day to honor special women who have cared is what the day is all about.

What works for your family might be a long-established tradition, but if you’re looking for something different this year, a new activity could be worth trying, together.

Best advice? Make it more than just the day. Celebrate throughout the month. Trying to pack it all into Sunday can be stressful. No matter when you celebrate, we wish you a happy Mother’s Day.

Here are 11 ways to honor Mom:

1. Go traditional with brunch: Make a reservation or plan a brunch at home. Let her favorite food choice guide the day. If restaurants are already booked for May 9, choose to spend the day differently and reserve for another date.

2. Choose a personalized gift: Select a gift based on a meaningful experience or date.

3. Send flowers: A surprise at the door can be an ideal solution for social distancing and add something pretty that lasts longer than a day.

4. Mail a card: Mother’s Day cards are beautiful, but they can sometimes get lost in the excitement of the day. Receiving a card in the mail on an ordinary day might be even more meaningful.

5. Make something: Grandchildren’s crafts, handmade items, homemade food — there are many ways to show we care. Maybe because of all they have made and done in their lifetimes, mothers have a way of seeing the effort, even if the end result does not reflect it.

6. Add a beauty appointment: Choose a favorite salon and book for a hair or nail appointment. Even if you don’t live in the same state, she could enjoy the occasion in her area any day.

7. Frame a photo: A simple snapshot of a life well lived can be a beautiful addition to the wall of your mother’s home. It doesn’t have to be a portrait from a special occasion. Just an image that matters to you both can be perfect. If you frame a copy for your house, too, that connection point can add joy to your day every time you look at it.

8. Start a memory book: Online options to collaborate with family members are an excellent way to create a virtual scrapbook. Work on it together with other relatives.

9. Write a letter: Put your feelings into words and, instead of sending a card, put the emphasis on sharing a message that can matter for years to come.

10. Reconnect through a favorite activity: Bring out a game from childhood or revisit a place that mattered to you both. Spend the day and make plans to return.

11. Spend time together: Plan an intentional series of activities or visits.

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