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Life and Love: Inspirational Art and Quotes from Local Author

by Vaun Thygerson
Contributing writer and mother of three

As life begins to take on a more normal routine similar to our pre-pandemic life, I have been drawn back into car pools and sports schedules, and I have a lot more demands for my time. I was feeling a little overwhelmed when I started to review Aliza McCracken’s new book, “Life and Love,” and boy was it what I needed to help myself slow down and re-focus on what is important.

This book would be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day to encourage the women in your lives to stop and smell the proverbial flowers, or beautifully painted ones in this case. “Mother’s Day offers such a wonderful opportunity to express your love and appreciation for her tender care. And I hope that my new book, “Life and Love” will truly inspire you to honor and celebrate all of the amazing women in your lives,” says Aliza McCracken.

As the author and artist, Aliza McCracken draws the reader into a calmer more serene world with her inspirational art and accompanying reflections. This new book captures the creative essence of love and life during these challenging times, while giving the readers a bit of hope and renewed sense of purpose.

One of the pages that caught my attention was a beautiful, ethereal angel with a whimsical pink body and yellow wings. The quote for this piece of art read, “Share the gifts of love, hope, and faith.” I imagined this angel sharing her spirituality with me and her peaceful face and closed eyes really aroused my curiosity.

Another quote from the book that resonates with my heart reads, “Live in the precious moment.” I need to remember this and take the time to appreciate what is happening in real time rather than planning or worrying for the future. This book really provides a treasure of inspirational art and writing to enrich your lives.

“Life and Love” is available online through To learn more about Aliza McCracken’s artistry, please visit

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