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Recreational activities can be great fun, especially with all Kern County has to offer, but sizzling temps can also present the hottest dangers. A great time can suddenly be ruined if you don’t take precautions to prevent fire and burn injuries. Remember, disaster does not discriminate.

If you are burned, it is important to act fast. Burns can evolve and worsen within the first 24 hours. Here are a few things to consider when caring for burns:

  • Protect yourself                                                                                                                          

  • Cool the burn immediately with cool or room temperature water for 15-20 minutes 

  • Remove jewelry from the burn-injured area

  • Cover burns with a clean, dry cloth and seek medical care

  • Keep the person warm

  • Administer CPR  if necessary 
 DO NOT:                                                  
  • Break blisters

  • Apply butter or grease (trapped heat worsens burns and promotes infection)

  • Apply ice (may cause more injury)

  • Apply creams or ointments
Conditions which may require immediate medical attention:     
  • Pain, swelling or redness that continues to increase

  • Fever

  • A burn encompassing a larger area than the palm of the hand

  • A burn to a critical area such as the face, hands, feet or genitals

  • A burn that is white, gray, leathery or painless

  • A burn caused by a chemical or electrical source

  • A victim less than two years old 
REMINDER: The depth and seriousness of a burn injury is not always immediately apparent to the untrained eye.

Your Bakersfield Firefighters wish you a safe and happy summer. 

For more information and additional safety tips from the Bakersfield FIRE Department, please visit ;

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Kern Family Health 25 yrs
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Kern Family Health banner 25 yrs
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