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Fun Jewelry Alerts Arm Kids with Allergies

Summer camp, sleepovers and even everyday playdates can be a real challenge for parents and caregivers of kids with food and other types of allergies. After all, how can you be sure your child won’t reach for a potentially harmful snack if you’re not there to ask what’s in it? With AllerMates, you don’t have to be there! Fun, colorful wristbands and dog tag charm necklaces alert adults that your child has one or more specific allergies, giving grown-ups the powerful knowledge necessary to protect kids from an allergic reaction, and parents peace of mind.

AllerMates offers an entire line of products that warn of the fourteen most common allergies, each represented by their own unique cartoon character with fun names like Crabby (shellfish allergy), P. Nutty (peanuts), Bizzy (bees), and Super-Cillin (penicillin). AllerMates can be purchased online at

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