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Safe Grilling Practices from the Bakersfield Fire Department

It’s summertime in Bakersfield- when the temps go up, the grills come out! Yes, summer months are peak BBQ months in our community. Grilling can be a boatload of fun for the whole family, and a delicious part of your summer menu. To keep this barbeque season fun and enjoyable, your Bakersfield Firefighters would like to encourage you to use safe grilling practices, and that starts by understanding the risks associated with BBQ grills.

According to a recent 5-year study, gas grills can constitute a greater risk than charcoal or solid fueled grills. In fact, gas grills have contributed to an average of 7,100 home fires annually. In comparison, charcoal and other solid fueled grills have caused an annual average of 1,200 home fires. These numbers clearly suggest that gas grills may require extra caution.

Grilling Facts

• In 2006-2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 8,600 home and outside fires which caused an annual average of 10 civilian deaths, 140 civilian injuries and $75 million in property damage.

• More than half of the home structure fires involving grills started outside on a courtyard, terrace, patio, exterior balcony or open porch, and 6% started inside, in the kitchen.

• Flammable or combustible gas or liquid was the first thing to ignite in almost half of home outdoor grill fires.

In 2011, about 16,000 patients went to emergency rooms due to injuries involving grills, and children under age five accounted for 26% of the thermal burns caused by grills.

Don’t become a grill fire statistic! Your Bakersfield Firefighters encourage you to be safe and use caution while enjoying your summer grilling. For more information and additional safety tips from the Bakersfield FIRE Department, please visit

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