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Parents May Not Perceive Vaping Exposure as Harmful to Children's Health

A recent study found that parents who smoke cigarettes, use e-cigarettes or use both have different policies for prohibiting their use in their homes and cars. “Parental Smoking and E-Cigarette Use in Homes and Cars” interviewed 943 parents about their smoking and e-cigarette habits both at home and in their cars. Researchers found that dual users (those who smoke both cigarettes and e-cigarettes) were much more likely to have a smoke-free policy than a vape-free policy for their home. Specifically, 64 percent of dual users had a smoke-free policy for their home compared to only 26 percent who had a policy prohibiting vaping.  The study also found that small proportions - 19 percent of e-cigarette users and 21 percent of dual users - had strictly enforced policies banning vaping in both the home and car. The authors believe parents may perceive that vaping inside their home or car poses little harm to their children. Those parents who engage in vaping may not grasp that vaping exposes children to nicotine and other toxic chemicals that can be harmful to their children’s health. The authors conclude that the study points to the need for more education regarding vaping and its risks, especially as it relates to preventing exposure for children.

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