Buddha's Hand-Change Up Your February Fruit Bowl

If you’re looking to change up your usual fruit bowl selections, round out the usual plate of apples and bananas with more memorable fare. Seasonal selections make for fun visits to the farmer’s market but they may not always look like what you’d expect to find. Buddha’s Hand is a winter citrus that stands out, with its curved finger-like tendrils and distinctive bright yellow hue. 

Although the fruit is often an ornamental element used to add color to food dishes and even in home decor, it’s also used as a garnish, an ingredient and as a household aromatic. It’s a completely edible fruit known for its sharp taste and use in recipes. The University of California Riverside lists its cultivation in our state as unique; it used to be difficult to find in the 1980s but has since become more common.

Buddha’s Hand is an excellent source of vitamin C, according to the produce company Melissa’s. The company lists that the fruit is associated with traditional lore that lists it as a source of happiness, longevity, and good fortune. 

HOW TO CHOOSE BUDDHA’S HAND: Select a plant that doesn’t look blemished and is free of mold. 

HOW TO STORE IT: Keep Buddha’s Hand in the refrigerator for up to four weeks or at room temperature for up to two weeks.



Make marmalade or use it in any easy recipe that calls for citrus zest.

Slice it: Add wedges to cocktails or fish.

Use it around the house:

Cut off a piece and set it out to deodorize a room. Add it to a load of laundry in place of fragrance beads or other laundry scent boosters. 

WHERE TO FIND IT: Murray Family Farms often has a seasonal selection available through the month of February. Check with Murray Family Farms at https://www.murrayfamilyfarms.org/ or another local produce retailer.

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