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Birth at Home or a Hospital? COVID-19 Renews the Debate

Choosing to give birth at home has become a parenting topic discussed in closed Facebook groups, between friends and with obstetricians. It's trending because of the pandemic-related circumstances that have led to shortages in medical equipment at local hospitals and limitations on birth partners, from dads to doulas.

The topic can be controversial. Hospitals remain the safest option for immediate intervention for moms and babies because they have skilled personnel and equipment on-site, including an operating room, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staff, incubators, and help with oxygen and blood products. Complications from home birth will end up with a hospital transfer.

Home birth may be a low-risk option with proper supervision. Find the best choice for your individual needs by talking with your doctor or midwife.

The California Association of Licensed Midwives (CALM) can be a great resource to find out about birth centers and home options:

Birth is beautiful no matter how it happens in your family and what your needs are. You should be respected throughout labor and delivery, and there is room in our community for diverse experiences done safely.

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