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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 left no aspect of life untouched, and education was no exception. The short-term effects of stay-at-home measures were felt immediately by millions of students across the globe. But there will be long-term effects, too, and one of the first such long-term dominoes to fall was the relaxation of SAT requirements for aspiring college students. 

As stay-at-home measures lasted longer than many people initially anticipated, high school students learned that SAT and SAT subject tests were being canceled. The Princeton Review® noted in late May that the College Board added a new test date for September after the June tests were canceled. However, many schools have dropped the SAT and ACT requirement for fall 2021 admissions. The University of California, which includes nine different schools in its system, suspended the requirement for students applying for fall 2021 in early April, and many schools followed suit in the ensuing months. As prospective high school seniors prepare for their final year of high school and begin thinking about where they want to apply for college, they should work with their guidance counselors to determine just what is required of them during the admissions process.

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