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Make Bumps Less Of A Bummer

When your child get a boo-boo, slide the HurtSkurt onto their sore arm or leg. The HurtSkurt is soft stretchy fabric filled with gel packs inside. It can be cooled in the fridge or freezer or heated in the microwave – whatever makes the boo-boo feel better.


UV Detection Stickers Help Prevent Sunburn On Kiddos

Sunshine won’t be gone in Kern County for many more weeks, and even as we settle into some new school routines, we will still be soaking up the sun. Applying sunscreen is always important, but it’s not always easy to remember when to reapply.  SPOTMUUV is a clinically proven UV detection sticker that can help. The sticker starts purple, and when you apply sunscreen on top, it turns clear. As the sunscreen wears off, the sticker changes back to purple, indicating more sunscreen is needed. The color change is reversible, so each sticker lasts through multiple sunscreen applications throughout the day. The stickers cost about $1 each and are waterproof, sweat-resistant, and hypoallergenic.


Tough Kids’ Tablet

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition is great for 3 to 93 and is virtually indestructible! If you break it within two years, Amazon will replace it for free! It comes with a yearlong subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, Amazon’s popular age-appropriate content portal. Amazon Fire HD Kids edition tablet, $200,

What’s Cooking?

Refresh your dinner game with Ayesha Curry’s new cookbook, The Full Plate. This book has a whole chapter for “pastafarians” -  those who love noodles, and one that’s just on chicken. This mom of three’s philosophy is keep food kid-friendly. $30, available September 22, Barnes and Noble

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