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5 Reasons to Add Peppermint Tea to Your Holiday Season and New Year


Peppermint tea is a favorite beverage that often makes an appearance at the holiday season but boasts health benefits year round. More than a dozen positive effects are associated with peppermint tea, some of which are attributable to its high quantity of antioxidants, which are linked to the prevention of cancer and heart disease.  

Before starting a peppermint tea regimen for health purposes, consult with your doctor. While mints of many varieties are used for nausea, including pregnancy, peppermint may not be something professionals recommend. It can worsen symptoms of gastrointestinal issues like heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Because the herb has been proven to lower blood sugar, it is best avoided by diabetic patients who also use blood sugar-lowering medications. Peppermint allergies are uncommon but may occur, especially if consumed in large quantities. Sticking with a cup of peppermint tea each day should be perfectly reasonable for most consumers, according to leading herbal references.

Here are five proven benefits of peppermint tea, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the National Institutes of Health:

1. Improved alertness: Although peppermint tea does not contain caffeine unless mixed with other caffeinated tea leaves, it has been associated with improved alertness. Memory function is also heightened immediately after consumption.

2. Anxiety relief: Tension and anxiety have been shown to be less problematic after drinking peppermint tea. Fatigue and frustration have also been shown to lessen. The International Journal of Neuroscience even reports that some patients report increased self-confidence as well.

3. Improved sleep: As part of reduced anxiety, peppermint may promote better sleep.

4. Reduced symptoms of illness such as congestion: The menthol properties of peppermint can help relieve symptoms of the common cold like coughing, sneezing and feelings of congestion. Because it can help give a sensation of improved breathing, peppermint is considered a natural decongestant.

5. Better digestion: Peppermint’s effects on nausea vary. Some people find it soothing, while in others, it may actually cause nausea.  While negative effects on GERD have been observed, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease patients can benefit from drinking peppermint tea or taking peppermint in capsules per a doctor’s recommendation.

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