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Take a Nap: The Benefits of Napping and How to Make Them Work for You


Do you take naps? Maybe you should! A good nap can get you out of that afternoon slump, recharge your energy, and leave you more alert and in a better mood. But when, where and how long? The American Heart Association gives you the secrets to a successful power nap.


When: Mid-afternoon is best (around 3 PM). Don’t nap too late in the day, or you’ll be wide awake at night and spoil your bedtime routine.


Where: Find a cool, quiet place to doze. Maybe your car during a break, if you don’t want the boss to catch you snoozing. (That said, many companies are starting to wise up by letting employees lie down for a break.)


How Long: You don’t want to wake up in the middle of deep sleep or you’ll be even groggier than when you started. For a short nap, keep it to 20 minutes.

Want to super-charge your afternoon? Plan your snooze in advance and it’ll go a lot smoother.

1. Pick a time today, tomorrow or later this week when you could use a recharge.

2. Now, determine where you’ll nap: in your car, at your desk or a comfy spot at home.

3. Finally, put it on your calendar.

Note: If you still plan on supplementing your nap with a cup of coffee, drink it before you nod off. It takes time for caffeine to activate, and it will likely kick in right as you wake up from a short snooze.

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