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HOW TO GET PINNING: Pinterest 101

by Vaun Thygerson
Staff writer and mother of three
HOW TO GET PINNING: Pinterest 101

When Kirsten Henderson's daughter first introduced her to Pinterest and she started navigating through this virtual corkboard of ideas, she says she was overwhelmed. "I couldn't think straight," she says. "It was worse than walking into an IKEA store."

Now, with more than 2,500 pins pinned onto her 48 boards on her Pinterest profile, she can say that she is hooked. "I use it for storing all of my passions, ideas, and creative projects for the future," she says. "I also can learn 'how to' do just about anything from antiquing furniture to making mozzarella cheese."

Like Kirsten, many people can become intimidated when first joining Pinterest, so KCFM wanted to give you five tips on how to use Pinterest so it works the best for you. These five tips will help you make the most out of this social pin-board site:

Don't just "pin" it, do it.

Sometimes on Pinterest you can spend so much time pinning ideas for your future use that you don't re-create or use the pins that could help you today. Take the next step – make a pin.

Kirsten says that actually re-creating a pin and seeing it come to life gives her a lot of happiness. "My favorite thing about Pinterest is actually doing a pin. There is instant satisfaction in pinning, but there is gratification in doing it; and the reward is sitting there in my living room, or the new product I made for my face, or the award-winning, pest-free tomatoes in my garden," she says. "I am one happy camper because I learn so much from using Pinterest."

Share the Love

Just like in life, Pinterest is more fun if you share it with friends. The more followers you have and the more friends you are following, the more crafts, recipes, and quotes you can teach each other. You can find friends via Facebook and Twitter. You can also look for your favorite bloggers and companies to follow, or search by about 30 categories like architecture, humor, or kids. Once you've connected – participate. You can comment on their pins, like them, or repin them to your own boards.

You can link your account with multiple social media sites to encourage an exchange of ideas: for example, you can share your latest pin with all of your Facebook "Friends." Pinterest also allows you to email your friends who aren't on Pinterest to let them see the pin they missed.

Be Creative and Pin It

Don't be afraid to pin your unique ideas and crafts. Upload a photo, a recipe, or a graphic that you find interesting or one of you've created yourself. Break out of your comfort zone and try something new. When it works and you're proud of it, pin it. Your one-of-a-kind pin might just be the answer to one of your follower's dilemmas. The Pinterest website encourages authenticity and to always pin things that express who you are.

Pin, Pin, Pin

If you see it and you like it, pin it! So many companies' websites offer the chance to share their ideas via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Share it! All you have to do is click a button and assign it to one of your boards. However, if you repin an idea that is not yours, make sure to give credit to the source.

Pinterest also has the Pin It Bookmarklet , a downloadable tool, which makes it easier for you to add to your pinboards. You can add this "Pin It" button directly to your smart phone to improve your experience. This button allows you to share images and videos from the web directly to your Pinterest account.

Give it a Rest

There is no doubt about it – pinning on Pinterest is fun and worthwhile. However, you need to set a time limit and refrain from letting it take up too much of your day. Kirsten admits that she pins "a lot," but she has set personal restrictions. "I don't spend more than 10 minutes pinning," she says. "I don't want it to become a time sink hole."

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