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Children's Hospital Central California wants everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween. Here are some Halloween Safety tips provided by the Chlidren's Trauma Injury Prevention Team:

1. The spookiest costumes are ones that have skinny human legs sticking out the bottom (keep costumes short to prevent tripping).

2. Don't become a human torch, use flame retardant costumes and watch out for candles that are near-by.

3. Use face paint instead of masks (unless you're Eddie Munster, in which case you don't need anything!).

4. Stay visible and show off your spook! Wear light colored costumes trimmed with reflective tape (keeps the vampires from biting). Carry a flashlight.

5. Walk, slither, and sneak on the sidewalk, not in the street.

6. Look both ways before crossing the street (watch out for low flying brooms).

7. Don't hide or cross the street between parked cars.

8. Big ghouls should join the little ghoulettes during their haunts (adult supervision).

9. Only visit the haunted mansions with blazing porch lights.

10. Adult monsters should inspect candy before eating (two for Dad, one for you). Keep small hard candy from young ghosts (choking hazard).

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CSV WIC mar20
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