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Storm Watch: Organize Your Activities!

Ever feel like your life is a constant whirlwind of activities?

Much like the destruction violent weather causes, damage can come to families that are too busy. Homes get trashed, family members struggle, and relationships suffer. We must guard ourselves and our families from the storms of busy-ness - especially when it takes us away from things that matter most! 

Here are some ideas:

Cancel Something! While you’re trying to re-claim your time and get yourself under control, you might need to post-pone, re-schedule or cancel some commitments. Say No to outside tasks until you get a handle on your family’s schedule.

Be Deliberate on how you spend your time! Are you spending the majority of your time on your highest priorities? Schedule the important things and don’t let outside activities determine how you spend your days. 

Slow Down! Take time to enjoy what you do. Even the most routine tasks can be pleasurable if you slow down and have a positive attitude. Enjoy the journey rather than rush to the finish line. 

De-Clutter! Get rid of anything that isn’t useful or doesn’t add to your family’s happiness.  Keep in mind that everything we bring into our home comes with an extra price: upkeep and storage. As we de-clutter, we reduce the time we spend cleaning, organizing, sorting, and accumulating.

And last of all Delegate! One person can’t to do it all!  Include all family members as you divide up household tasks.  Working together is a big part of happiness in family life. 

For more tips, visit Just Organize Yourself  on Facebook or Joy’s blog at

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