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Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

Weather warming, flowers blooming, birds singing:  means only one thing…. Spring Cleaning Time!  It’s a wonderful feeling to eliminate winter build-up, but cleaning a house from top-to-bottom is often overwhelming.

Here’s how to avoid the anxiety & shore up spring cleaning success!

1.  Set aside a day for the big clean, write it on the calendar, and turn down other obligations or activities. Be sure to coordinate the date with family members.

2.  Print out a Spring Cleaning Checklist. (Visit my blog, for a variety of lists)

3.  Create a Cleaning Caddy – Gather cleaning supplies in a portable container with handles. Include cleaners, rags, scrubbers, plastic bags, & a duster.

4.  Divide & Conquer – Split up the list and have each family member do a part.  Working together creates family unity and encourages responsibility.

5.  Reward your family by doing something fun together!

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