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Chalkboard Herb Pot

For Mother’s Day, celebrate the nurturing nature of mom with a specially painted flower pot that holds her favorite herbs or flowers.

• 1 Ceramic red clay flower pot 

• Saucer to match pot, if desired

• Blackboard spray paint

• White paint pen or chalk

• Ribbon – width to match the size of the pot rim

• Hot glue gun and glue sticks

• Potting soil

• Plant of your choice


1. Wipe pot and saucer clean to remove all dust.

2. Spray pot and saucer with chalkboard spray paint – no need to paint the interior of the pot if using for planting.

3. Allow paint to fully dry – approximately 3 to 4 hours.

4. Attach ribbon around rim of pot using hot glue.

5. Fill the pot with a potting soil mix.

6. Transplant your favorite herbs or flowers into the pot.

7. Write the name of the herb or flower on the outside of the pot using paint pen for a permanent finish or chalk for changeable finish.

 Tips for Using Chalkboard Paint 

• Chalkboard paint comes in classic black, but also comes in other colors as well.

• Make sure it’s completely dry before trying to write on it.

• Some chalkboard paints require you to condition the paint with chalk before using it. Read label instructions carefully.

 Tips for Decorating 

• Using spray paint and hot glue guns may require adult supervision.

• Give the kids creative control – it may not turn out perfectly neat, but it will be perfect for mom.

• Not sure what to paint on the flower pot? Let the kids dip a hand or foot into the paint and put prints onto the pot. Or, cut fun shapes out of sponges or potatoes and let them stamp around the pot.

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