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Smiley-Faced, Beaded Safety Pins

This fun and simple craft only takes a few minutes to make, but the smile it creates lasts for days! Try this Smiley-Faced, Beaded Safety Pin project for an easy way to celebrate National Smile Week the second week of August.  You can wear it or share it with your friends.  You’ll have everyone you meet smiling!

  • Copy of smiley-faced, beaded safety pin pattern

  • Thirteen 1-1/16-inch safety pins

  • One 1-1/2-inch safety pin

  • Seed beads: purple, yellow, and black

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Flat-head screwdriver


Small 1-1/16-inch safety pins 

Open your first safety pin and slip the seed beads on in the color-coordinated place according to the pattern above right. Once the beads are in place, pinch the opening end of the safety pin with your needle-nose pliers to make sure it doesn’t pop open.

Repeat this step for the 13 corresponding pins on the pattern until all safety pins are beaded according to design specifications.

Large 1-1/2-inch safety pin 

To attach the smaller safety pins to the larger pin, you must spread apart the coils at the end of the larger pin with your flat-head screwdriver.

Slip the first smaller safety pin (#1 on pattern) onto the larger safety pin in order of the pattern design. Pull it down to the loop base of the large pin and around and up the loop until it’s placed on the non-opening side (or backside) of the pin. Repeat this step for the 13 corresponding safety pins until the pattern is complete.

Once your pattern comes to life on the larger pin, squeeze the loop closed with your needle-nose pliers. Now complete, you can wear your smiley-faced, beaded pin on your shirt, backpack, hat, or shoes.  You can trade it with your friends or give it as a gift.

For more free seed-beaded, safety pin patterns, please visit

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