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Even in the chilly winter months, for car buffs, the garage is often a sanctuary, a place to think about and tinker with cars, trucks, and other motorized toys… and not much else.  But no space is really a sanctuary if it’s not safe. To help make your car zone a true sanctuary, try following these tips:

What to Keep on Hand:
  • An adequately stocked first aid kit can be the difference between a minor injury and a significant Health issue. Make the kit easily accessible, ideally on a low shelf that you can reach should you suffer an injury that limits your mobility. Periodically restock with fresh supplies.

  • The National Poison Control Hotline number should be in plain sight (in the US its 1-800-222-1222).

  • Install a functioning fire extinguisher where it’s accessible, learn how to use it, and periodically check its expiration date.

  • Chemical safety glasses with side shields are necessary when using hazardous solvents, cleaning products or power tools.
Who Requires Extra Caution:
  • Don’t allow children into your work space when you’re working on a vehicle or with dangerous tools or chemicals, and be careful to keep pets out of harm’s way as well.

  • Read product labels and keep hazardous materials out of children’s reach, preferably stored in a locked cabinet.
Always Remember to:
  • Keep your cell phone with you in the workshop, as it may be your only way to contact the outside world should you suffer an injury.

  • Wear tight clothing and remove all jewelry, as they can easily get caught in moving parts, greatly increasing the risk of injury.

  • Unplug power cords before trouble-shooting problems with your power tools, and also whenever you take a break and leave the work area, even momentarily.

  • Store gasoline in a childproof container that is approved for gasoline storage, and secure in a locked outdoor shed or an area in the garage where youngsters can’t reach it.
For additional safety tips from the Bakersfield FIRE Department, please visit

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