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Simple, Family-Friendly Dinner Solutions

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During the hustle and bustle of a busy school week, juggling after-school activities, homework, dinners and next day lunch prep can be exhausting. Finding ways to simplify evenings while running a more efficient kitchen routine can make life more delicious for parents and children alike. 

Plan for leftovers. One easy way to make the most of your time in the evening is to make dinners that serve dual purpose - choosing recipes that shine when leftovers are reinvented for lunch the next day, like an all-time classic: chicken fingers. Making them at home is not only healthier than typical restaurant offerings, but leftovers can be used in a recipe like this Chicken Tender Smart Pocket, perfect for packing in your child's lunchbox. 

Use kid-friendly, better-for-you ingredients. It's no secret it can be tough to serve smart choices your kids will actually reach for again and again. Set up a simple toppings bar with a favorite protein, chopped crunchy veggies and simple sauces.

Focus on family favorites. When you're busy making a meal the whole family loves, your time spent in the kitchen may not feel so much like a drain on the evening. 

Chicken Tender Pocket

Servings: 1 | Recipe source: Toufayan.com


• 3 breaded chicken tenders

• 2 tablespoons mayonnaise

• 1 Toufayan Smart Pocket, any variety (or any pita pocket)

• 2 pieces curly lettuce, washed and dried

• 2 thinly sliced tomatoes

• salt, to taste

• pepper, to taste


1. Bake chicken tenders according to package instructions.

2. Spread mayonnaise evenly on insides of pita bread pocket.

3. Layer lettuce then tomatoes and place chicken tenders evenly across pita bread pocket. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

Serve immediately.

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