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Never Trick-or-Treat Alone.

A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children, and older kids should walk as a group on a route preapproved by parents.

2. Don’t be invisible.

Carry a flashlight at night. Opt for a bright or reflective costume, or use reflective tape on costumes and treat bags.

3. Stroll safely.

Stay alert and stay on the sidewalk. Use crosswalks to cross streets after looking both ways, and never enter the street from between parked cars.

4. Be afraid of the dark.

Only approach homes that are lit up, and never go inside a home (or a car) for a treat. Stay in well-lit areas with other trick-or-treaters, and avoid shortcuts through alleys or yards.

5. Check candy.

Discard any unwrapped, spoiled or suspicious treats, and don’t eat all of your candy at once!


Begin with a fresh pumpkin.
Look for a pumpkin with a green stem. If the pumpkin has been sitting around for too long or has been handled too much, the stem can get brittle and/or fall off. A thick, fresh pumpkin is best for carving.

Plan your ideas. Draw a plan for your pumpkin before you make your first cut. Then transfer that design to the pumpkin with pen or a thin marker. Pumpkin-carving kits come with designs that can be “traced” by poking small holes to create the outline of the design.

Don’t cut all the way through. Many professional pumpkin artists do not actually cut clear through the flesh of the pumpkin. They carve and shave off layers of the outer rind until it becomes more translucent. The level of transparency can be adjusted based on how much skin is removed and as a way to add texture and shadowing. The more air that is allowed to penetrate the pumpkin, the faster it will start to degrade. 

Delay carving until the last minute. Wait until the day before Halloween to begin carving. Pumpkins are a perishable item, and they’ll begin to rot as soon as you begin carving. Spritzing them with water can help them stay fresh, but there’s no turning back the clock once the first cut is made.

Cut a hole in the back. Cutting off the top of the pumpkin can affect its structural integrity and cause it to rot faster. Instead, cut a hole in the back of the pumpkin and use an electric light to illuminate it. LEDs are advisable because they don’t generate much heat, which can cook and rot the pumpkin from the inside out.

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