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Making A Priceless Mother's Day Gift

Making A Priceless Mother's Day Gift

This Mother's Day, make her a handmade gift to treasure forever. The following are some fun and easy craft ideas that are easy for children of any age to create.

Photo Fridge Magnet: Cut two pieces out of an old cereal box in any shape, such as a heart or a star. In the center of one of the pieces, cut a hole large enough to allow your photo to show through. Attach the photo onto the center of the other piece try roll-on adhesive. Using the adhesive, glue the piece with the center cut out on top of the piece with the photo. This will frame your photo. Finally, attach a self-adhesive magnet on the back and decorate your photo fridge magnet with markers or stickers.

Homemade Card: Moms always treasure cards, especially when they are made from the heart. You can easily make a card out of construction paper by simply folding it in half and then decorating it with glitter, stickers or even pipe cleaners. Write your message on the inside with markers or crayons. Mother's Day Coupons: Cut hearts out of heavy construction paper. Write messages on the hearts to tell mom what she can collect when she hands in the coupons. Some examples might be: One free hug; Do the laundry; or Walk the dog.

Mom's Special Placemat: Gather up family photos from special occasions with your mom. Glue the photos on construction paper the size of a placemat. Then, laminate-try the Duck brand ezLaminatorģ, a portable, safe and easy-to-use cold lamination machine. Use the placemat to serve a special Mother's Day breakfast or a slice of Chocolate Chip Pie.

Decorative Photo Frame: This is a fun project to work on with dad. Take a plain wooden picture frame and glue beads, sequins and other decorative objects around the frame. Adhere these items with a fast drying, no-spill glue to allow precise application without dripping or oozing.

Presenting mom with one (or more!) of these handmade gifts will remind her how much she is appreciated.

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