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How to be Water Smart

5 Fuel Saving Boating Tips:

Prices at marina fuel docks have been markedly higher, making an already expensive hobby even more so. Reasons for higher costs range from the shorter sailing season (marina fuel station owners have less time to turn a profit) to more stringent environmental standards.

Lessen fuel usage while boating by trying some of the following tips:

1. Tune the engine. It increases gas mileage, reduces engine workload, and cuts emissions.

2. Reduce weight on the boat. Excess weight creates drag, which decreases fuel efficiency.

3. Don't be a hot shot. Throttle back to cruising speed for better gas mileage.

4. Minimize idling. While some idling is necessary, excess idling wastes fuel.

5. Check your oil. Too much or too little oil can damage your boat's engine, reducing its performance and fuel efficiency.

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