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Kendye and the Dinosaur Egg


"Now listen, you guys," Kendye said with conviction as she and her friends, Samantha and Rebekah, sat on tall stools in the ice cream parlor. They were sipping their favorite drink, a fudgy, rootbeer soda.

"What?" asked Rebekah as she finished the last creamy sip.

"I'm telling you, Ishmael was just too adorable when he told us about fossils at Mineral Mites today."

If you get a baby dinosaur, your stuffed raccoon, Bambi, will be way jealous.
Samantha nodded in agreement. "Real cool how fossils come in different sizes, from way big, like dinosaur footprints and stuff, to teensie ones, like shells and plants."

"Fossils are okay, but I like it better when he talks about dinosaurs," Rebekah chimed in.

"Dinosaurs are my very most favorite, too," Kendye said. "They are the best! On my 9th birthday, in August, when I blow out all the candles, I'll wish that I can find a dinosaur egg that will hatch into the world's smallest dinosaur. I'll be way famous."

Her friends rolled their eyes. "Oh, sure. And what will you name it?" quizzed Samantha, with disbelief.

Kendye touched her forehead with her pinkie finger to show that she was deeply engaged in thought.

"Perfect name," she exclaimed. "I'll name it Borl, cause I won't know if it's a girl or a boy. But it won't matter, as I took the letters 'bo' from boy and the 'rl' from girl and there it is—BORL!" She slipped down from the stool, looking quite smug.

Her friends jumped down from their stools, giggling. "Powerful name," Samantha said.

"Super cool," agreed Rebekah. "But if you get a baby dinosaur, your stuffed raccoon, Bambi, will be way jealous."

"Sometimes our wishes are granted in unexpected ways."
"No way, cause I'll still play with him a lot. He looks just elegant since Granny sewed him together after my dog, Buschka, pretended that Bambi was a ball and kept bouncing him."

"If you REALLY got a dinosaur," Samantha said, sighing, "you'd have to move to a motel cause dinosaurs are so big there wouldn't be room for ANYTHING else in your house."

Kendye touched her forehead again to consider this. "Duh—Ishmael did say some of them were huge and that they kind of took over the world for about 160 million years."

"That's a lot longer than I've lived," Rebekah said, nodding.

"He also said the first fossil had feathers—kind of bird-like."

"Yeah and archeologists have found BIG egg shells." Samantha spread her hands apart to demonstrate.

The next day, Kendye was at Granny's to plan her birthday. She wanted a dinosaur party.

Granny snatched her sunglasses from the table. "Let's take a hike to the corner store and get dinosaur kits for your pals to assemble. Think I saw fun plates and napkins there, too, with that big Rex guy on them."

Kendye skipped along beside Granny. All of a sudden, a big truck swung around the corner, carrying a lot of jiggling wooden crates. PLOP—a dark green egg-shaped thing slipped from a crate and slowly rolled along, landing on the soft green lawn. Granny stopped to pick it up while Kendye yelled at the driver to stop, but he was cemented to his IPOD and didn't hear.

Granny smiled. "But what have we here? Funniest and biggest egg I've ever seen."

"Let's super-fast take it to Ishmael. I'll bet it's my baby dino," Kendye said, twirling around with excitement.

Ishmael smiled when he examined their find. "Sorry. It's not a dinosaur egg, but—if I'm correct—I think what's in it might be a cousin to the dinosaur." He sounded secretive as he gave Granny instructions on how to care for the mystery egg.

"Usually it takes about 52 days for this little guy to peck out of the shell, but we can't be sure. Just do as I've told you. Keep it warm and safe."

After 48 days, when Kendye didn't think she could wait even en eye-blink longer, a little creature started to emerge.

"Quick, run your fastest and get Ishmael," Granny shouted.

All three of them stood transfixed as they watched while a scraggly-looking thing slowly began to peck through.

"Tell me, tell me! What is it?" screeched Kendye as the black and white bird fluttered and flapped. "It's so tall and funny looking."

Ishmael grinned. "Why, it is an EMU, a survivor of prehistoric times. I think you have come as close as possible to a present-day dinosaur. Emus are native to Australia, but they have become popular in this country and are imported to be raised on farms here."

Kendye clapped her hands as she watched the bird take a wobbly step. "I'm going to name it Emmie Emu," she shouted. "That name has a nice ring to it." She held Bambi up so he could meet Emmie. "My wish came true," she said, spinning Bambi around.

"Sometimes our wishes are granted in unexpected ways," Ishmael said, winking

at Granny.

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