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Bejeweled Pencil Caddy

This one makes a good teacher gift when you're looking for something at Christmas or at the end of the year.

Materials needed:

-26 gauge bead wire
-wire cutters (for beading)
-Needle-nose pliers (for beading)
-crimper (beading)
-glass jar


1.      Wash the jar and remove any tags.
2.      Wrap a piece of wire around the neck of the jar, and then cut using wire cutters.  Make sure your cut leaves the wire a little longer that you want the finished piece to be.
3.      String beads on the wire, creating your own unique pattern.  There's no limit to what you can do with beads; wrap a string around the neck and the base, hang bead arrangements you've created from the string around the neck.  Use your imagination to create a unique treasure.

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