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The countdown has begun; T-minus fewer days than you think until the blast off most parents look forward to and most kids dread:  the first day of school.  Will it be hard?  Will my friends still like me?  The stress only builds until the day finally arrives.

Therapy - craft therapy, that is – is what's needed to tame those back to school butterflies, and the masterpieces you and your kids create will get your family back into the swing of school by beautifully organizing the paperwork and supplies that come with learning.

So head to your favorite craft supply store and take your time in picking out cool fabrics, trims and beads.  Take time to smell those silk flowers. And as you begin your project, talk to your kids about any concerns she may have about heading back to the classroom.  Listen to her concerns, relate some of your own past experiences to show that her angst is not unique, and let creativity charge your "session" as you help your child work through her worries while creating a masterpiece.  And at the end of the day you'll find you've not helped ease the stress of going back to school, you'll have some pretty cool tools that will keep paper work and supplies organized in an eye-pleasing, stylish fashion.   Here are two nifty back-to-school craft projects:

Materials you'll need:

-Foam-core board
-utility knife
-2 quarter flats of quilting fabric
-bookplates (you'll find these in the scrapbook section)
-fabric glue
-spray adhesive
-Velcro dots
-grommet kit


1.      Cut the foam board to a 9 x 13 size using a sharp utility knife on a sturdy, no scratch surface (don't let the kids do this part; better to do this yourself).
2.      Spray the foam board with the spray adhesive.
3.      Stretch one of the quarter flats of fabric over the foam board; fold ends toward the backside of the foam board (just like you're wrapping a gift) and secure in place with fabric glue.
4.      Decide the direction your wall pocket will hang (vertically or horizontally) and mark your placement of the grommets.  Trace the grommet outline onto the fabric, use the utility knife to cut a cross-section in the center of the circle traced, and then remove the fabric and foam board from that area.  It should look like you cut two holes near the corners of your project.
5.      Install grommets following directions on the back of the kit.
6.      Take the second quarter flat and fold selvages back ½ inch on all four sides.  Cut TackyFuse to length the iron fold over to create nice, clean edges all around the fabric.
7.      Place second quarter fold fabric on top of the foam board piece and bring down about 1 to 2 inches below the grommets.
8.      Turn the entire piece over.  Doing one side at a time, measure 2 inches from the foam board, then bring the edge of the second (top) quarter flat fabric to your mark.  Cut two lengths of TackyFuse.  Making sure you position the TackyFuse so that it will bind fabric to fabric (not fabric to foam board), lay them along the side, one at a time, overlapping a bit and in between the second quarter flat of fabric and the first quarter flat of fabric (that's covering the foam board).  Iron in place by using a hot, no steam setting, and pressing for 10 seconds along the entire length of the "seam." The top fabric should be loose, forming a pocket over the fabric-covered foam board.
9.      Bring the bottom edge up, making a nice secure fold along the bottom of the project. 
10.  Cut 2 lengths of TackyFuse and iron on as directed above.
11.  To keep the bottom edges from gaping open, place a small Velcro dot in the gap and press Velcro pieces together.
12.  Cut trim to fit along the top "seam" of the pocket (quarter flat 2) material.  Put a line of fabric glue along the top of the trim, and then secure the trim to the top of the pocket.
13.  Glue on the bookplate.
14.  Allow to dry for 24 hours.

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Line8 197236584
Line9 524978361

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