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Pop-Up Garden of Grandchildren Card


Stuff you'll need:

construction paper, several colors


craft glue

archival, scrapbook quality glue

laminate sheets
photos of each child

markers, crayons, glitter or gel pens

How to make it:

Fold two rectangular pieces of construction paper in half; one for the inside (A) and one for the outside (B) of card.

On the inside (A) part of the card, cut two short lines near the middle of the fold (1). Fold the two outside flaps (the ones you just made by cutting near the fold), but don't fold the middle flap. Unfold the flaps (1).

Open the card. Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card to form two "steps" (2).

Refold; cut two short lines through the folded flaps on the sides. Fold the outside flaps you just made; unfold them (3).

Open the card. Push the two flaps towards the inside of the card to form the steps (4).

Make a copy of each child's photograph (without infringing on copyright laws), and then laminate the photos by placing the laminate paper over the image side of the copy and smoothing out the wrinkles. Cut out each child's image.

Cut stems from construction paper; enough for each child's photograph. Double in thickness to make sure they are sturdy enough to support the photograph.
Glue the photos to the flaps using archival, scrapbook-quality glue. Make sure the edges of the photos don't stick out of the card when the card is closed (5).

Glue the inside (A) card to the outside (B) using archival glue. To make sure that you don't glue the flaps down, apply the glue only to the inside (A) of the card, then carefully place it on the outside (B)

Have each child write a special message to Grandma and Grandpa using glitter pens, crayons, markers, etc.

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