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All Season Living Succulent Wreath


This easy, beautiful living circlet of succulents can be dressed and redressed according to the décor of any occasion.

Stuff you'll need:

round wire wreath form
live sheet moss

several small live succulent plants
greening pins (they look like hairpins)
green florists wire
wire cutters
waterproof florists' tape
spray bottle
water-soluble fertilizer

How to make it:

Take each plant you have selected out of its container (1), and soak in a container of water.

Soak the sheet moss in a bucket of water (2), then place the wire form flat on a covered surface (3). Pack the sheet moss all around

(4). The moss will drape over the form, so wrap it around the form and secure the moss by wrapping it with florist's wire (the moss will keep the roots of your plants moist).

Wrap ends of wire securely; cut with wire cutters (5).

Loosen the roots and place the plants in the moss (6).

Secure the plants with greening pins (7).


Wind the waterproof florists' tape around the moss to hold moss and plant in place. Do this to wrap the entire wreath with one long piece of tape. Tie off the ends and by wrapping them together with florist's wire.


Cover any visible soil, tape or wire with moss (8).
Wrap the entire wreath with florists' wire, securing each plant and the moss.

Water your wreath by misting it with a spray bottle that has a mixture of water-
soluble fertilizer/water in it.

Decorate your living wreath according to each season by filling in the gaps between the plants with décor depicting the season. I've used fall foliage in the finished example, but you can change the fillers each season to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Flag Day - whatever you feel like celebrating!

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Line 3: 217563894
Line 4: 168475932
Line 5: 742938156
Line 6: 395612478
Line 7: 621789345
Line 8: 583241769
Line 9: 974356281
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