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Family Tree Mobile

Stuff you'll need:

Polymer clay, flesh color for the skin, different colors for hair and clothing
clay forms (optional)
wire cutters
crafting wire
stick or bar
fishing wire
6-8 inch long piece of wood or bark

paint (I used spray paint)
hardware eye hooks (I used cup hooks which I bent closed with pliers), enough for each figure
permanent marker

How to make it:

Roll the clay to form the head, torso clothing and hair of each grandparent/child. A Sculpty form is available to make children; if using this, press clay into the form to make the child's face, hair, outfit, hands & shoes (1, 2).

Form a small loop with the crafting wire and press down into each figure's head (3).
Place on a glass baking dish and bake at 275 for 15 minutes.

Attach a line of fishing wire to each figure by tying securely to the loop on each head.

Paint wood or bark and write a message to Grandma and Grandpa with a permanent market (if desired) and let dry. Secure one hook for each figure into the bottom of the wood or bark, and then secure two (one at each end) at the top (4). Tie each figure to a hook.

Tie a length of hemp securely to each end of the eye hooks on the top of the mobile, leaving a "V" to allow room for hanging (5).

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