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The Great Pumpkin Beaded Pin | Haunted Halloween Mansion | Bag-O-Plenty

Amid the skeletons, tombstones, spiders and severed hands you may put out every year to celebrate the season, why not add to the décor in a more "spook-less" way by using an Edible Haunted Halloween House as a centerpiece? You can also get into the spirit of All Hallows Eve by adding some bling to your costume with a Great Pumpkin Beaded Pin. And your kids will enjoy their own, personal Bag-O-Plenty, big enough to hold case loads of king-sized treats. Here's how you can craft each of these Halloween specialties:

The Great Pumpkin Beaded Pin

Stuff you'll need:
• sturdy felt

• craft glue
• toothpick

• scissors
• a pin backing

• needle and thread
• orange, green & black seed beads
• skinny orange or green trim (cord, string beads, sequin string,..)

How to do it:

Trace the outline of a pumpkin (including the eyes and mouth) onto the felt (1); then cut (just the outline of the pumpkin, not the eyes and mouth).

Spread craft glue in the outline of the eyes and mouth (this is one place you'll want to stay inside the lines) (2 and 3), then sprinkle the black seed beads in the glue. Use a toothpick to help spread the glue and place the beads. Gently press to secure in place and let dry.

Spread craft glue in the stem area, then sprinkle the green seed beads and gently press to secure. Let dry.

Run a thin line of glue around perimeter of pumpkin; lay the skinny trim you've chosen (cord, string of beads, etc) in the glue (4), cutting off the end at the bottom of the stem; gently press in place, arranging ends of trim so they look nice. Let dry.


Glue the pin backing onto the back of the felt(5). Stitch into place with needle and thread.

Spread craft glue on the rest of the felt; sprinkle the orange seed beads in the glue. Gently press to secure in place and let dry. Who needs Tiffany's for bling?

Haunted Halloween Mansion

Stuff you'll need:
• 1 gallon milk or juice carton, empty and clean

• aluminum foil
• piece of heavy cardboard (side of a cardboard box)
• graham crackers
• *icing (see recipe below)
• candy decorations (use your imagination), i.e. mini candy bars, candy corn, licorice, gum drops, Necco wafers, gummy worms, etc.
• cake decorations in Halloween shapes like pumpkins, ghosts, bats, spiders
• fake spider webbing>


1/2 lb powdered sugar
3 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 1/2-2 tablespoons milk
Red and yellow (to make orange) food coloring, if desired. Pastry bag and small decorating tip, or plastic sandwich bag with small, diagonal cut in corner

How to do it:

Mix all the ingredients together until smooth and thick (but spreadable, about the consistency of glue). Use 1-2 drops of red and yellow food coloring for orange frosting. Place the frosting in a pastry bag/Ziploc bag.

Place sheet of foil over a piece of heavy cardboard.


Side of the house: attach graham cracker squares to the sides of the carton (1) by spreading the frosting on the cracker and pressing firmly to the side of the carton. Pipe frosting along the seams of the "walls" where the graham crackers meet (2).

Roof: cut the graham crackers as necessary to cover the top of the carton (if carton has round plastic dispenser, cut it off), then spread the frosting on the graham crackers. Press to the top of the carton, forming an "A" at the top (3). Let icing harden for 10-15 minutes. Using Necco wafers as shingles, cover each side of the roof, using frosting as glue. Spread frosting on mini candy bars to attach to sides as windows. Frame windows with black licorice.

Use mini candy bars to form a "walkway" to the door. Decorate the house with candy, using icing as glue.

Decorate the yard: Making a scary tree out of thick black licorice. Peel back the twisted part of the vines about three-quarters to one-half of the way down. Using about a tablespoon of the icing, stand the licorice up and secure by bringing icing up along the sides. You can also place some of the candies around the base to help hold in place. Hold for a few minutes until hardened. Use candy corn to build a "fence." Stand ghost, bat or spider decorations (I used cupcake toppers) in the yard and on the roof by sticking into licorice gum drops.
Place a few strands of fake spider web and cast around the house and yard (remove before you begin eating).

Enjoy your edible Haunted Halloween Mansion for a few days, then have fun with the kids doing the "demo," tearing it apart and devouring it wall by wall.


1. Iron a "handkerchief hem" in on both sides (the shorter ends of the selvages) by folding the material (wrong side facing up) over about Ό inch.

2. Form a casing for the cord at the top by folding over Ό inch (wrong side up).

3. Attach a safety pin to one end of the cord…

4. Pull both cords tight and present your child with his own, personal Bag O'Plenty treat carrier.

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