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A Ghostly Halloween Party

The two little girls, with blonde hair, stood in the hallway, wondering where Mom was. They heard a scary sound coming from the garage that adjoined their house. They looked at each other—what could it be? Then more mysterious sounds were heard—sounding like ghosts laughing.

"Dare we look?" asked Chey—her blue, blue eyes animated.

Haliee grabbed her sister's hand and together they crept towards the door that opened to the garage.

Very cautiously, they peered around the corner of the door to see where the eerie sound was coming from.

Surprise! The ghostly sound was coming from a Halloween mirror that featured the head of a spooky witch with green hair. She was cackling like an old hen, as mystical music played in the background.

Amber, Haliee and Chey's mother had just unwrapped the mirror from a storage box and was holding it. When she saw her two daughters peering into the garage, she laughed.

She turned off the sound, set the mirror back in the box, then she gave them each a big hug.

"What have we here?" she asked, taking the pictures they had done in school.

"Our teacher had us do an autumn thing," said Haliee—showing her drawing of some bales of hay with bright orange pumpkins perched on top.

Chey shyly handed her mom her picture. She had drawn a frightening witch wearing a black cape.

"Oh, my," said Mom with a little smile. "Both of your pictures let me know that Halloween will soon be here."

"Can we have a party and invite our cousins?" Haliee said in an imploring voice.
Chey started circling her mom, chanting, "Say yes, say yes, please say YES! I know that Allison, Ashlynn, and Joseph would love to come."

"Sounds like fun. We can decorate the garage, using all our Halloween things."

"Yeah," agreed Haliee, "and loop tons of black and orange crepe paper here and there."

"Don't forget Mr. Skeleton," Chey chimed in. "We can dangle him in the doorway to scare everyone as they come in."

"Okay, what about an invitation?" The girls put their heads together. "How about saying: We're having a party for Halloween.." said Chey.

"And won't that be super keen?" Haliee added.

"I like it," Mom said with a smile. "Be sure to add Please come, and then put the date and time."

"Let's get out our orange construction paper and print out the words of the invitation on the computer, then paste them on the orange paper. Now," Mom continued, "what kind of refreshments do you want?"

"Pasta!" screamed Chey.

"No, mashed potatoes!" Haliee raised her voice even louder.
Mom looked doubtful. "I was thinking of ordering pizza."

"Let's make our own," Chey said, grinning, "and we can top one with mashed potatoes and one with macaroni and cheese."

"Those will be really unusual pizzas. Maybe we'd better add some pepperoni and throw in brownies and cider."

"Yummy," Chey said, sighing. "What about some games?"

"When I was a girl," Mom said, "we used to turn all the lights out and tell spooky stories. We'd use peeled grapes and pass them around for eyes, a plate of cold spagetti for brains, and a slice of slip-pery liver for a heart. We all had to touch everything."

"Oh, that would be super scary," Haliee said.

"That won't take long, though, so what else can we do?"

Mom smiled, "I have an old shoebox that could be covered to look like a treasure chest. We can buy some gold-covered chocolate coins to put in the chest for the treasure."

"Way cool!" shouted Chey.

"Yeah and let's make a pirate's map to lead our cousins to the treasure."
Mom got out a large paper bag and cut it to look like a pirate's map. "Now where will you hide the chest? We have to decide before we can draw the instructions on the map."

After a lot of debate, they agreed that the best place was in the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper. Now they had to figure out how many steps to take in each direction to lead their cousins to the treasure and put this information on the map.

On the day of the party, everything was ready, even their pets. Michael and Billy's fish bowl was covered with fake cobwebs; with a flashlight turned on behind the bowl, the fish looked like ghost fish, not gold fish. Mom had made a black cape for their dog, Megan, and she looked like Countess Dracula, but she was not very ladylike and she kept trying to steal the liver.

"What about Timmy?" Chey cried. "He needs a costume too."

"Well," Hailee chimed in, "let's dip his feet in melted chocolate and let him go as a candy turtle."

Chey pulled a face at her sister.
The guests arrived: a clown and two ballerinas. The garage had been turned into a virtual horror hall and the costumed figures looked a bit frightened.
All went well until Mom told the scary story and discovered that the slithery liver was missing. No amount of searching could locate it.

"Oh well," Mom said with a sigh, as she handed the treasure map to Joseph. "Let's see if you three can find the hidden pirate's treasure."

Joseph carefully unfolded the paper map and laid it on the floor. They studied it for a few min-utes, then set off—counting the number of steps outlined on the map.

"I think it's here!" shrieked Allison as she plung-ed her hand into the hamper.
Ashlynn wasn't far behind and her hand scram-bled around among the linens in the hamper.

"Oh oh, yuck!" she screamed, as she held up the lost liver—hidden in the hamper where Megan had buried it.

There was a lot of laughter as they opened the treasure chest and Mom had included extra gold coins for her two precious daughters, so they could eat chocolate with their pasta and potatoes.

Megan thought she had the best treasure as she sneaked away to enjoy her liver.

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