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New Technology: Digital Mammography

Using digital mammography instead of conventional film mammography can help reduce the number of patients whose re-sults dictate that they be called back for further mammograms, making it easier on the patient and saving money, says Sughra Raza, M.D. of Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston.

X-rays are used in both types of mam-mography to create the image, but in digital mammography, the image is digit-ally recorded and stored, whereas with conventional mammography, a hard copy of the image is printed. "With digital mammography, we have the advantages of being able to manipulate the image for optimal visualization and magnification," says Raza. Digital images also are easier to store for future reference or to send to other doctors. It's like comparing snail mail with e-mail.

Raza notes that it's important for a woman to bring along any previous mammogram results (either film or digital) when getting a mammogram at a new location.
To learn more about mammography, turn to page 9 or visit the American Cancer Society's website at and type "mammogram" in the search field.

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