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Creating a Heartfelt Holiday

Hand-made Soaps and Towels


Joy of the Season Soap

Stuff you'll need:
soap base (the heat and pour type)
soap mold
colorant (optional)
fragrance (optional)
essential oils (optional)
double boiler (or two pots, one that sits on top of the other) spray bottle with rubbing alcohol


How to Do It:
1. Fill the lower pan of your double boiler about halfway with water; bring to a boil.
2. Place your soap base in the upper part of the double boiler, place the lid on it, then reduce the heat to medium-low and melt (photo 1).
3. If you're going to add color, do so as the base is melting, stirring constantly until incorporated. Add just a bit at a time until you get the color you want. Carefully spritz the top with rubbing alcohol to remove the air bubbles, making sure you don't spray the alcohol on the burner (photo 2).
4. If you're going to put in additives like fragrance or essential oils, add once the base is melted. Stir constantly and spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove air bubbles (photo 3).


If you're adding a toy or other object to your soap, place the object in the soap mold before pouring the base. Pour slowly, adjusting the object if it starts to float from desired position. You'll also need to check several times as the soap is hardening and reposition as necessary (I used a butter knife to gently push the object down if it floated too close to the surface) (photos 4 and 5).


5. Carefully pour the base into your mold and spritz the top with rubbing alcohol to remove air bubbles (photos 4 and 5). Let it harden for at least six hours (check set-up time recommendations on the base you're using). Rub a dub dub, you're ready for a home-made scrub!

Ornamental Towels

Stuff you'll need:


ribbon, braid, fringe, any other kind of adornment you can find

Christmasy material

patterns of Christmas items such as candy canes, ornaments, gingerbread men, trees (simple designs from coloring book)


pressing cloth

sewing machine


How to Do It:
1. Wash and dry the towels, material and trimmings (if washable).
2. Cut the Christmas design from the material.

3. Fuse the material by applying the material to the fusing; covering it with a damp pressing cloth; then adhering by placing a hot iron on the "steam" setting evenly over the entire pattern for 10 to 15 seconds in each area (be sure to follow directions on the fusing you've chosen).
4. Using your sewing machine's button hole setting, sew around the entire outer edge of your design, leaving a heavy outline of thread.
5. Place your chosen trimming where desired, then sew into place. Now family and friends can wash up in style!

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