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Make and Shake Snow Globes

Stuff You'll Need:
clear glass jar (jelly, pimento, baby food, any jar with a lid)
florist clay
figurines or other scene-staging objects (make sure to choose objects made of materials that won't dissolve in water, like toys, cake toppers, doll furniture, travel souvenirs, game pieces, etc.)
glass taper holders to give height to your object(s), the kind used for candles (optional)
small mirrors, to fit inside the jar lid (optional)
white "snow," glitter or confetti


aquarium glue
E6000 glue
trimming such as garland, decorative lace, braid, etc.


How to Do It:
1. Wash and let your jar and lid dry completely.
2. On the underside of the jar's lid, position your figurines and secure them in place using the florist's clay or E6000 glue (be sure to leave enough room to screw the lid back on).
3. Fill the jar with water, but not all the way remember the water will be displaced once you've attached the lid with the scene on it. Add a few drops of glycerin.
4. Add the white "snow," glitter or confetti. Screw the lid onto the jar, check for the effect you want, and add more liquid or snow until you get the desired look.
5. Draw a line of aquarium sealer around the threads of the lid, the screw the lid on for the last time.
6. Dress up the outside of the lid by wrapping trimming around the bottom and gluing into place using craft glue. Now you're ready to shake up your world!

Happy New Year Poppers


Stuff You'll Need:
toilet paper roll
festive wrapping paper
curling ribbon
confetti, small toys, candy, etc

How to Do It:
1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper into a 12 inch square, place it face down on a table, then lay the toilet paper roll down near the top edge of the square.
2. Tape the edge of the wrapping paper onto the cardboard side of the toilet paper roll. Roll the toilet paper roll up in the wrapping paper tightly; tape securely.
3. Cut two pieces of curling ribbon, each 12 inches long. Gather the wrapping paper on one end of the toilet paper roll and tie the end securely.
4. Fill your popper with confetti, toys, candy whatever you've chosen as a filler then gather the other end of the toilet paper roll and tie it securely with the second ribbon. Party on!

Sudoku Answers From Kids' Activity Page

186, 549, 732
934, 782, 561
725, 136, 948
297, 318, 654
513, 674, 289
468, 295, 173
841, 957, 326
679, 823, 415
352, 461, 897
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