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Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Kids

After the countdown to a New Year, the resolutions to change our lifestyle or certain behaviors begin. This year, help each member of your family make resolutions. Teaching your children to create New Year's resolutions can help them learn the importance of goal setting at a young age. The American Academy of Pediatrics outlines healthy New Year's Resolutions for children in different age groups:
(1) I will clean up my toys. (2) I will brush my teeth twice a day and wash my hands after going to the bathroom and before eating.
(3) I won't tease dogs – even friendly ones. I will avoid being bitten by keeping my fingers and face away from their mouths.
5-12 years:
(1) I will drink milk and water and limit soda and fruit drinks. (2) I will apply sunscreen before I go outdoors. (3) I will try to find a sport or an activity that I like and do it at least three times a week. (4) I will always wear my helmet when bicycling. (5) I will wear my seat belt every time I get in a car.
(6) I'll be nice to other kids.
13+ years:
(1) I will eat at least one fruit and one vegetable every day, and I will limit the amount of soda I drink. (2) I will take care of my body through physical activity and nutrition. (3) I will choose non-violent television shoes and video games. (4) I will help out in my community.(5) I will wipe negative "self-talk" (i.e., "I can't do it") out of my vocabulary. (6) I will resist peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol. - For more info visit: www.aap.org.

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