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Three Pony Tails Spinning Tales

"I hope things go well today," Miss Kathi thought, walking towards the stable where she gave riding lessons to two lively 11-year-olds and an almost-ten-year-old.
Raegan, who had brown hair and brown eyes, owned a horse named Lucky. Lucky was inclined to be a bit mischievous and also got scared sometimes. Once when he was trotting by some undergrowth, the sprinklers went on. He was sure they were horse-eating boogeymen. Once he saw a white horse and thought it was a ghost.
Raegan had learned to ride side passes, backs, even take small jumps and had a lot of confidence. Not only did she excel in the saddle, but she aced a shooting test using a 22 rifle.
"She's probably going to be the next Annie Oakley," said Claire with a shrug. Claire's hair was almost black, and her brown eyes sparkled. Her horse, Onyz, was black with brown points. She was learning to lope. She was kind of like Tonto—a good friend to all.
Michelle, the almost-ten-year-old, rode a red appaloosa horse named Skip. She had brown eyes and light brown hair. Some of her friends called her Doc, as she was like a miniature Dr. Doolittle. She loved all animals—even the scrawny and unpopular ones.
Claire and Michelle were in the stables. Claire was braiding Skip's tail and entwining colorful ribbons in it. Michelle looked worried.
"What's up?" asked Claire.
"Raegan is good at riding, and now she can shoot, too. Do you think she'll get stuck-up?"
Just then, Raegan bounced in. "Hi, guys. What are you talking about?"
The girls looked down, then Claire said: "We were just saying how good you are at shooting and riding."
"No big deal," Reagan said, tucking her hair behind her ear. "What I'd really like to do is learn to sing and sing while I ride Lucky in rodeos. But, I also have to train Lucky not to get so easily spooked."
Lucky turned his head to take a long, disapproving look at Raegan.
"Maybe we can help you with Lucky. I heard of a man who had homing pigeons that were flighty—you know, kinda nervous, like Lucky. So, he taught them how to play Ping-Pong and it helped their concentration."
"Great, but usually only two play ping-pong, and we have three horses," Raegan said with a grin.
"Yeah, bad idea—but maybe we can teach them how to bowl," Claire said.
Laughter followed as they pictured their horses skidding down a bowling alley.
"Seriously though," Raegan said, "after you help me get Lucky 'calmed,' we can take singing lessons."
"Thumbs up on that idea, and let's put our hair in pony tails with our favorite colored ribbons, then braid our horses' tails using the same color."
"Cool. We can be the Singing Cow Girls."
They giggled. "Don't think so, cause horses aren't cows, but what about calling ourselves the Pony Tales. We can make up our songs."
"Sounds good. What about, I have a pony named Skip, but he is kind of a drip," Michelle sang in a monotone.
Skip snorted and pawed the ground.

Miss Kathi, who had been quietly standing in the doorway listening, smiled.
"Oh, Miss Kathi," Raegan said turning to her, "What do you think of our pony tales idea? Maybe we can get on Grand Ole' Opry."
Kathi picked up a brush. "Too bad Willie Nelson's song, Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain, wasn't brown eyes crying, and it would be perfect for you three."
Michelle put her hands on her hips, "Yeah, but we'd rather be laughing than crying. I know, I'll make up a song about you."
She thought a minute, then sang, "We hope you'll teach us how to lope, so we can sing and twirl our rope."
"Not bad," Kathi said with a wide grin. "Come on now—all you pony gals, let's have a group hug before we begin our lessons."
They laughed as they hugged.

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