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Winter Wonder Candle

Does the thought of snow days or fog delays send chills up your spine as you wonder how in the world you're going to keep the kiddos entertained?
Inclement weather doesn't have to put a damper on your day. There's a real science to beating a kid's winter woes. A little home-style teaching that fuses entertainment and learning will keep the bad weather blues at bay, and you'll find it doesn't take a rocket scientist to teach your kids a thing or two about the world around them.
Stuff you'll need:
• small or medium clear glass (make

sure its heat resistant)
• artificial snow
• Wintry-type decorations, such as snow flake confetti, buttons, beads...
• double boiler
• candle gel wax
• wax-coated candle wick on a wick holder tab
• candle thermometer
• skewer, thin branch or wicking needle
• wax glue
• newspaper
• paper towels
• craft glue
• paint brush
• spray adhesive
• knife
How to do it:

Cover your work surface with newspaper; then put down a paper towel. Spread a layer of craft glue about one-fourth to one-third of the way up the glass (photo 1). Make a trench of artificial snow (photo 2) on the paper towel, and then roll the glass in the artificial snow. Attach the wintry-type decorations you've chosen above the snow using a dot of craft glue (photo 3). Spray with spray adhesive to set (photo 4). Let dry.
Press wick holder tab into wax to coat bottom; center and press firmly to the bottom of glass (photo 5, 6).
Rest skewer, branch or wicking needle across the top of glass and tie wick securely so the wick stands taut and upright in the center of the glass (photo 6).

Heat gel wax in a double boiler to 215? (photo 7).

Pour the wax into the glass to desired height; let cool. Pull out skewer, branch or wicking needle and cut the wick to about five-eighths of an inch long.

Science Teaching Opportunity...
Does candle temperature affect burn time? Make two ident- ical candles. Refrigerate one candle for an hour, then burn both for five minutes. Talk about any differences you see.

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