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"Home" Room Science Crafts for Winter Days

"Home" Room Science Crafts for Winter Days
Ocean in a Jar
Stuff you'll need
-clear jar with lid
-blue food coloring
-baby oil
-plastic sea creature
How to do it
1. Fill the jar halfway with water.
2. Add food coloring one drop at a time until you get the color you want. Add a little glitter and shake.
3. Pour in the baby oil until the liquid level in the jar is about three-quarters of the way full.
4. Add your plastic sea creature, screw the lid on tightly and set your ocean in motion by rocking gently back and forth.
Your scientific teaching opportunity…
Talk about the fact that water is denser than oil so it will never mix with water. When the water moves, it pushes the oil around, creating "waves" and taking the sea creature for a ride.

A Garden under Glass
Stuff you'll need
-fishbowl or glass jar
-small stones
-horticultural charcoal
-potting soil
-small houseplants (most houseplants will do well, but here are some suggestions: mini orchids, begonias, mini ferns, baby tears, small palms, African violets, spider plants, coleuses)
-decorative rocks and figurines
How you'll do it
1. Wash, rinse and dry your glass container thoroughly.
2. Add about a one-inch layer of the small stones to the bottom of the jar.
3. Add about one-half of an inch of the horticultural charcoal to the top of the stones.
4. Add a two to three inch layer of potting soil; then dig small holes for the plants.
5. After trimming away any damaged leaves, carefully remove the plants from their containers, gently shaking the extra soil from their roots. Put the plants in the holes you've dug (taller plants in the back) and gently pat the soil over the roots. Water the plants a bit – just enough to dampen the soil. Don't over-water.
6. Decorate with your rocks and figurines, and then place your garden in indirect sunlight. Water and prune as necessary.
Your scientific teaching opportunity…
A beautiful, long-lasting lesson in biology, ecology, botany (to name a few), your terrarium will provide a "looking glass" into our natural world, letting Junior examine natural processes through an environment he's helped create.


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