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"Don't interrupt, Bobby! Can't you see I'm talking with Aunt Mary?"… "Bobby, you interrupted me." Don't interrupt? You interrupted me? Is that what she said to her child? It is a quizzical thing, this interrupting, and exactly WHO is doing this interrupting? It seems that we tend to blame this "interruption" process on our young and immature child, when perhaps the blame should be on someone else's shoulder. Perhaps yours. A child says to her mother, "Where are my Cheetos?" The mother responds with "I told you, NO Cheetos!" The child states, "But I want some Cheetos!" The mother remarks, "I'm not going to talk with you about Cheetos." Oh, really? Just what was it you were talking about? Another parent says to his child, "I'm not chasing you Bobby, come get dressed." But then, the parent goes and searches out the child, picks him up, scolds him for running away, and takes the child to the bedroom to get dressed. Something is wrong.

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