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My kids love their umbrellas, whether it's raining outside or not. My daughter has a princess one with a whistle attached; my five-year-old had a Spiderman umbrella that was super-glued one too many times and ended up in the trash; and my three-year-old has a bright red Lightning McQueen one with a car for its handle. For a while, he even slept with it in his bed during the night. And, my husband has the world's biggest black and white golf umbrella that can easily fit our entire family under its protection.

I never got into the novelty of umbrellas until I found the PERFECT one for myself: a black and pink Juicy Couture umbrella complete with rhinestone bling! Now I get it – I finally understand how totally cool umbrellas can be. I want to show it off to everyone! And, with the crazy weather lately, I have been able to do just that.

The weather has been extremely unpredictable: rainy, sunny, shivery, and windy. Mark Twain said that, "In the spring, I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours."

March may start out like a lion, but we all know it goes out like a lamb. This year, the 20th marks the official first day of spring when the sun moves north and crosses the equator. Spring is a wonderful time of year when the earth and all its company have a chance to renew and reinvigorate themselves. March 17th brings with it St. Paddy's Day: a day when we can celebrate all things green and proclaim to be "Irish for a Day." And, especially in the presence of children, if you forget to wear green, you will be pinched! (And, for the record, having green-colored eyes does not count… I have tried to get away with that one my whole life.)

In the Irish spirit, Tracie Grimes gives you instructions and examples of "Stylish Irish Crafts" on page 12. You can make a Lucky Shamrock Pin or Shimmery Shamrock Mobile. Don't forget to check our website,, for more crafty tips and projects.

Joan H. Haskins keeps with the (Irish) "lucky" theme in her Nanny's Story Time tale of "Who Needs a Leprechaun When you Have a Grandmother?" on page 9. She writes about seven-year-old twins, Blake and Kathryne, who hear all about leprechaun folklore from their Irish grandmother. These little green men have a magical hold on children. My 10-year-old daughter still talks about the time a leprechaun visited her pre-kindergarten class and left behind his itty-bitty shoes and some gold coins.

Another chance to celebrate history and folklore can be found at the Frazier Park based American Jousting Alliance's Tournament of the Deer and the Lion on March 21st. To find out more about this fun-filled day of jousting, check out Dave Hook's "Day Tripping" article on page 13. He says this event is definitely worth the drive.

If you want a chuckle, check out Tracie Grimes' Humor at Home article, "Mommy Unavailable," on page 7. This month, she writes about something most of us mothers can relate to: the unending barrage of demands from our children without a lot of reciprocal help from them. Tracie decides to go on "strike," become UNAVAILABLE for a week, and see if that changes their attitudes.

In the Mothers, Shakers, and Community Makers article on page 8, I had the opportunity to meet with internationally recognized sculptor, Betty Younger. You can see her magnificent, metal sculptures all around Bakersfield. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about her amazing life and seeing her art work showcased throughout her house.

March is a month full of charm –its crazy, lion-esque weather, the official introduction of spring to the world, a chance to wear green on St. Patrick's Day, and even a day of renaissance jousting. So, enjoy March's one hundred and thirty-six different types of weather, and keep your fashionably cool umbrella within reach just in case you need it! Happy Spring!

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