A Is For Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women

by Lynne Cheney

Simon & Schuster, 2003, $16.95 (hardcover)

All Ages

The wife of our former vice president brings to life some of the great women in American history. From Abigail Adams to Babe Didrikson Zaharias (who won medals in high jump, javelin throw and hurdles), this book celebrates the remarkable achievements of some pretty amazing American women. A great read for the ladies of the house.

The Night Before St. Patrick's Day

by Natasha Wing

Grosset & Dunlap, 2009, $3.99 (hardcover) - Ages 2 - 5

Tim and Maureen have a hard time getting to sleep on March 16. They're excited, you see, about the prospect of catching a leprechaun who will take them to his pot of gold. But leprechauns are tricky little creatures and despite all the gold charms, rings and shiny things Tim and Maureen set to trap the little guy, it was the leprechaun who had the last laugh.

My Half Day

by Doris Fisher

Sylvan Dell Publishing, 2008, $16.95 (hardcover)

Ages 4-8

As our hero wakes up to a half head of hair, our adventurous half day begins. A half breakfast, a trip to Camp Fraction topped off by a soccer game against a team made up of four-ninths Martian players and a dinner of Saturn's-s'mores gives young children a colorful, fun look at the subject of math.

A Pot O' Gold: A Treasury of Irish Stories, Poetry, Folklore, and (of course) Blarney

by Kathleen Krull

Hyperion Books, 2004, $9.99 - Ages 9-12

Families can share the rich heritage of Ireland captured in this collection of songs, recipes, stories, and poems. Poets such as Yeats and Joyce are showcased along with legends of leprechauns and tales from the Emerald Isle that, in the words of the author, "represent a balance between material that is child-friendly and as true as possible to the original sources…"

Space, A Photographic Journey Through the Universe

by Peter Bond

DK Publishing, 1999, $19.99 (hardcover) - Ages 10 and up

From the day man first rocketed out of the atmosphere, space exploration has brought phenomenal, exciting changes to our world. In this guide to "the final frontier," readers get an up-close view of dramatic astronomical events. The wreckage of a star that exploded in 1660; the brilliant auras that light up Jupiter's poles; and the nucleus of Halley's Comet are vividly displayed for readers through exceptional photographs sent to astronomers via the Hubble telescope and NASA's robotic probes.

Off Season

by Anne Rivers Siddons

Grand Central Publishing, 2008, $24.99 (hardcover)

It was a happy life they had together, Cam and Lilly; a great marriage, beautiful children, partners in everything. Or so Lilly thought until Cam died. His sudden death prompted Lilly to hit the road to visit the favorite spot she shared with Cam, where their life together began and where Cam's ended. Warm memories of her childhood collide with revelations that cause Lilly to take a second look at her life.

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