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It's fashionable to wear your luck on your sleeve, especially if it's as cute as this Lucky Shamrock Pin.

Stuff you'll need:

-shamrock pattern, about 2 inches by 2 inches in size

-emerald green Sculpey oven bake clay

-seed beads

-craft glue

-pin backing

How to do it:

Roll the polymer clay until it's about one-half inch in thickness.

Place the shamrock pattern on the clay, trace the pattern in the clay, then cut out the shamrock.

Decorate the front of the shamrock with seed beads, lightly pressing them into the clay.

Bake the clay following directions on the package (275 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 to 30 minutes). Let cool.

Glue the pin backing to the back of the shamrock.


No need to go chasing rainbows, create your own Pot O'Gold and fill with plants that will bring you luck or happiness.

Stuff you'll need

-clay pot

-gold spray paint

-foam shamrock cutouts-plant

How to do it:

Spread newspaper to protect the surface; place the pot on the newspaper and paint the pot gold. Let dry.

Peel the backing from the foam shamrocks, place as desired around the pot.

Fill the Pot O'Gold with your favorite plant.

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