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Only the Shadow Knows!

This story is based on a TRUE event - please read to the end.

Tommy Skaggs looked at his breakfast. "Yuck," he said to his dog, Rufus, who was standing by his side waiting for any tasty tidbits to glide to the floor.

Mrs. Skaggs had fried an egg and placed it sunny-side up on a nutritious slice of whole-wheat toast. She had also fixed a dish of cereal that was bulging with fortified EVERYTHING.

As she left to get the mail, she turned and shook her finger at Tommy in a menacing manner.

"Now, Tommy," she said, "you eat every bite of your breakfast. You are getting so skinny that you probably don't even cast a shadow." She traipsed out the door.

As soon as the door was tightly shut, Tommy took the egg and the bowl, cream dripping over its sides, and set it down for a grateful Rufus, who slurped it up in a hurry.

When his mother came in with the mail, she smiled as she looked at the empty dishes on the table.

"Good boy," she said, patting the top of Tommy's head, while Rufus crowded in for his share of pats.

In the meantime, not far from there down Shadow Lane, two brothers were busily working on a Sponge Bob jigsaw puzzle. They were the Shadow Brothers. One of them was short and a bit wide through the middle. He was called Little S, and his big brother, who was tall and quite slender, was called Big S.

Since it was a rainy day and no one was apt to bother to look for a shadow, the brothers had taken the day off.

Big S slipped the last piece of the puzzle into place and turned to Little S. "Why do you look so gloomy?"

Little S sighed. "Because Tommy Skaggs won't eat, and he's getting so skinny he'll just melt away. Since I'm his shadow, if this happens, I'll be out of a job; and besides, I really like him."

Big S shook his head. "That's bad. We've got to think of some way to make him eat."

They sat there, thinking about the situation. "I know!" shouted Little S. "One day, I overheard his mom tell him that if he didn't eat, he'd be too skinny to even cast a shadow."

"That's it," Big S leaped to his feet so fast he caught the edge of the TV tray and Sponge Bob plunged to the floor in a jagged mess.

Didn't you say you have to work at night at Tommy's, because before he goes to bed, he makes shadow pictures in his room? So take the day and night off and give him a scare."

Little S giggled. "Forgot I told you about that." The light in Tommy's room is just right; so when he stands in front of his door, he casts his shadow there. But what he really likes to do is make shadow pictures with his hands. He makes adorable bunnies by putting his fingers just so. He can even make their ears wiggle."

"Fun," said Big S with a chuckle. "I wonder if shadows can make shadow pictures?"

"I guess only the Shadow knows that answer. Tomorrow, I'll take a leave of absence and have fun at Shady Amusement Park. Because I'm a shadow, I can jump into the empty seats on the rides."

Big S shook his head. "Just don't go on the Giant Racer. You got way sick doing that last time you went."

Little S put his hands on his tummy and moaned. "Don't remind me of that!"

Big S smiled. "I'd make you a peanut butter sandwich to take with you, but it would look strange to see a sandwich floating above one of the cars and no one in it."

The next day, Tommy's dog got a bulging bowl of cereal again. He was getting skinnier and skinnier; and when he went into his bedroom that night to do his shadow pictures, NOTHING happened. He kept putting his hands just so to make a bunny, but there was NO shadow.

Tommy was terrified. His mom was right, he was too skinny to cast a shadow.

He thought of calling 911, but didn't know if they would consider a lost shadow an emergency. Instead, he found his mom and asked her if he could have change for a Big Mac for lunch.

She looked at her scrawny son. "Better Super Size it," she said with a grim, handing him the money.

The Shadow Brothers, peeking in the window, grinned and did a high five.

Remember, this is April - the month for APRIL FOOL!

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