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Peter Cottontail Goodie Cups

Stuff you'll need:

-white crepe paper


-stapler and staples

-paper cups

-craft glue

-craft eyes

-pink tissue paper

How you'll do it:

1. Cut four three-by-four-inch circles from the crepe paper; stack and fold the circles accordion style.

2. Staple the middle of the stack.

3. Pull each layer toward the staple to make the bunny's fluffy face.

4. Cut eight one-by-three-inch pieces from the crepe paper, stack four sheets together and fold accordion style (you'll end up with two segments for the ears).

5. Twist the end; pull each layer toward the end to make the bunny's fluffy ears.

6. Place a dot of thick craft glue to attach the ears to the bunny body.

7. Use dots of glue to attach eyes to bunny's face.

8. Cut a piece of pink tissue paper into a small triangle; center as nose as glue in place.

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