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Bountiful Basket

Easter Craft

Bountiful Basket

This adorable salt-dough basket is sure to coax plenty of goodies out of the Easter Bunny!

Stuff you'll need:

-firm salt dough*

*three cups flour, three cups salt and one-half to one cup water. Mix the flour and salt either by hand or using the dough attachment on a food processor; add water until the dough sticks together and is crumbly.

-rolling pin

-cutting board

-non-stick spray

-aluminum pie pan

-sharp knife

-cheese grater

-paint brush

-liquid cake icing die, four colors

-polyacrylic sealer

How you'll do it:

1. Make the salt dough and divide into six, with one portion being two to three times larger than the other five.

2. Roll out the larger section on a lightly sprayed (non-stick) cutting board to about one-fourth inch in thickness.

3. Cut the dough into one-half inch wide strips.

4. Lightly spray the pie tin with non-stick spray.

5. Lay the strips in the pie pan across the length and width (four or five strips across the length, four or five strips across the width), weaving them as you go along. Run your hands under cold water occasionally while weaving.

6. Place one very long strip around the side of the pan, below the rim and cut the strips to fit over the rim.

7. Using four of the remaining sections of dough, roll four long, round pieces about one-quarter inch wide with your palm. Twist two of the ropes of dough together; gently press to the top of the ends of the strips along the rim, flattening it slightly. Repeat using the remaining two ropes. Bake in a 300 degree Fahrenheit oven for one hour. Allow to cool.

8. Divide the remaining dough into three portions. Tint using food coloring, using green as one of the colors (for the grass).

9. Form several small Easter eggs with two of the tinted batches.

10. Make the grass using a cheese grater.

11. Brush the rim of the basket with water and gently press the grass around the rim. Gently press the eggs as desired.

12. Bake the basket at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours; allow to cool.

13. Brush the basket with the polyacrylic sealer; allow to dry.

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