Springing Kids Into Reading!

Food Hates You, Too and Other Poems

by Robert Weinstock

Hyperion Books, 2009 - $15.99. All Ages.

Cakes that quake at Jake's, pitted prunes who snub June…who knew food felt such revulsion to people? This is a clever collection of fun poetry that turns the tables on the picky eaters in the world. And definitely worth considering for your child's next humorous Oral Language piece.

Mommy in My Pocket by Carol Hunt Senderak

Hyperion Books for Children, 2006 - $12.99. Ages 2 - 6.

Being away from mommy can be scary, and as the little bunny in this book notes, "I'll miss my mommy in every way." But with a little imagination, she finds a way to keep mommy close to her heart, even when she's at school all day. Watercolor illustrations add a sweet quality to this sweet story.

The Cow That Was the Best Moo-ther

by Andy Cutbill Ages 9 - 12.

HarperCollins Children's Books, 2009 - $17.99.

Daisy is a perfect candidate for the farmyard's just-for-cows beautiful baby contest, thinks Marjorie the cow. The fact that Daisy is small, feathery, has a beak, and hatched from an egg is beside the point. Marge wins a special "best moo-ther" award when she defends little Daisy against teasing from the other mother cows. A funny, charming tale for Mother's Day.

Silly Street

by Jeff Foxworthy All Ages

HarperCollins Children's Books, 2009 - $17.99.

You'll see things you've never seen before on your visit to comedian Jeff Foxworthy's Silly Street. Pink elephant races, singing blue seas, and skunks riding skateboards are just a few of the things you'll see on your stroll down this funny street. Children of all ages will have fun reading these poems!


by Simon Adams

DK Publishing, 2009 - $16.99. Ages 9 - 12.

Young readers can glimpse into the world of brave men and women who have fought for their country throughout the ages. From the soldiers first days to the time he or she is ready for battle, readers can see what it takes to get troops ready for action. Everything from weaponry, battle dress, artillery, morale to how countries honor their soldiers is beautifully detailed through vivid photographs and drawings. A great introduction to the life of a soldier.

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